Chris is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter. He plays guitar, bass, and keyboards, and produces his own videos. His creative studio is in New Baltimore, NY.

Chris has four goals for his music:

  1. Relax
  2. Have some fun
  3. Bring attention to, and comment on, social issues
  4. Get people to act on what they believe and feel strongly about

Chris’ latest project involved the simultaneous release of four tracks on Christmas Day 2017. “I’m very excited about them because they are all different,” he says. “They range from a Latin rock tune that looks back on the challenges of youth and how dreams never die (Back in School), to a happy, feel-good folk rock tune (Feeling Fine Outside), to a more cynical country rock song inspired by a nefarious politician (Pictures of Your Mother).”

Chris is always creating new music. He wrote, produced and released 7 singles in 2017, in genres ranging from rock, folk, and country to ambient instrumental and even neo-classical orchestral hybrid, with video projects in development for several of these. Chris’ YouTube channel features over 30 videos he has produced.

As a former radio personality, and having retired from a career as a counselor and educator, Chris knows the power of a good story to impact the listener and hold their attention. Chris’ songs tell stories and paint pictures about falling in love with a car, or relaxing outdoors. Some are commentaries on topics from the news, like jobless veterans, or corrupt politicians. And his ambient and rock instrumentals evoke a wide range of images and emotions.


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