Kayaking Hudson River New Baltimore 

This channel is focused on sharing experiences captured while kayaking on the Hudson River and its tributaries near New Baltimore, NY. The videos are relaxing, meditative, slow-paced, real-time. Minimal editing. No special effects. Includes ambient sounds. 

These videos were made in part to capture the current state of the Hudson River and its tributaries and can be used as a milestone in measuring the effects of climate change. 

They are being posted to share the beauty of the Hudson River up close and intimate, the unseen, what one can see from a kayak or canoe, but what most people will never experience in person. 

From time to time in the various episodes a man in a canoe becomes part of the scenery. His name is Michael. Feel free to ask, "Where's Michael?" 

Video shot by Chris Leide in a kayak. 

Portions of these "uncut" videos have been used in other projects such as music videos by Chris Leide and the site "Meditative Peace Project by Chris Leide". See menu tabs.

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