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Morphic Dreams

Chris Leide

A collection of electronic instrumentals that conjure up images and emotions at every transition; relaxing cinematic soundscapes with flowing ambient synths, choirs, hummable melodies, and inspiring crescendos to romantic, vintage-feeling R&B. Each track is an audio journey with hummable and danceable melodies scattered throughout and range from short vignettes to an elaborate tone poem. Many tracks are experimental sound design and feature a wide variety of effects, textures, and styles that evoke a range of moods; reflective and sentimental to joyful or apprehensive. One can feel the suspense of spooky, dripping caverns or fog drifting eerily through trees, the inspiration of a beach at sunrise, or the serenity of drifting on a dreamy river buoyed along by currents of percussive groove.

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