From the recording A Cold Day in Hell

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A tale of personal crisis - the awakening awareness of responsibility for one’s own behavior and life choices and the associated outcomes - with folk rock elements featuring acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion that create an introspective mood, while breezy vocals “tell it like it is”.


You looked tired and bored as you floated out the door
On your way to paradise.
Even if you came home and you were not alone
You would still be by yourself.
You’ve been running around for years and years
Blaming everybody else for your tears.
The time has come to look inside.
There ain’t no place left to hide.
It’s a cold day in Hell.
You said you’d never do that and all the other tit and tat
As you ran for the surprise.
Even when you grabbed the ring you said it wasn’t your thing
And you want another try.
You said someday would never come and you were always on the run
From the emptiness inside.
You said you never look back at all the blood on your tracks
And you leave the past behind.