Chris Leide is a songwriter, composer and videographer. His creative studio is in New Baltimore, NY.  

Bionic Liquid is the latest album from Chris Leide, released March 17, 2023.

Strap yourself in for a sonic journey. A collection of electronic instrumental: Bold, dramatic, mystical, magical, futuristic. 

These compositions are the soundtracks. You can build the movies in your head.


Chris is also an avid kayaker, exploring the Hudson River and its tributaries up-close armed with boundless curiosity and a video camera. 

As a videographer Chris merges his musical creations with images he has captured.  

Chris recently co-produced a series of videos that reveal the unseen beauty of the Hudson River, along with sources of pollution and degradation in an attempt to raise awareness and as a call to action. Click here for Hudson River Miles 130-135. 

Other video projects by Chris Leide:

-The Meditative Peace Project by Chris Leide - A collection of videos for people seeking peace and relaxation in a very stressful and chaotic world, including One-Minute Meditations.

-Kayaking Hudson River New Baltimore - This channel is focused on sharing experiences captured while kayaking on the Hudson River near New Baltimore, NY. The videos are relaxing, meditative, real-time. Minimal editing. No special effects. Includes ambient sounds.

-Thomasina Winslow Tribute - Includes video of her performing on The Clearwater August 2022.

All his music is available on your favorite streaming service. Click here for SPOTIFY.

Check out his videos on YouTube.