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Chris is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and videographer. His creative studio is in New Baltimore, NY.  

Chris released a three-track EP "Droplets" in February 2020. It is a collection of cinematic instrumental adventures. Bold and engaging, each is an epic journey as it morphs through scenes and genres from electronica, rock, and dance to jazz and orchestral, with guitars, choirs, synthesizers, drum kits, ethnic percussion.

The video for the track ElectroMagneticePulse features crawling critters as main characters: millipedes, centipedes, a beetle, a fly, a dancing spider, with a surprise ending for a mosquito. A nature film of sorts.

Chris released a full-length album in October 2019 called “Morphic Dreams”. It is a collection of genre-blending electronic instrumentals that conjure up images and emotions at every transition as they flow from the soothing ambient choirs and synthesizers of a tone poem, to a rousing drum-driven march, and romantic R&B with old-school feel. So far Chris has built videos for three of the tracks: “A Major Seventh Sunrise”, “Water Love" and "Mechanical Ability". You can check them out on this website or on Chris' YouTube channel. 

Chris has four goals for his music: 

Have some fun 
Bring attention to, and comment on, social issues 
Get people to act on what they believe in and feel strongly about 

“Too many people retire and are dead in two years,” Chris says. “When people used to ask me what I was going to do when I retired I said, ‘Play guitar and write music’. They thought I was crazy.” 

Chris is retired from a career as a counselor and educator, and is also a former radio personality. His main focus now is creating music and videos. 

In addition to his music projects Chris is building a series of videos about the Hudson River, documenting its beauty and the risks from human impact inspired by his up-close and personal experiences kayaking on the Hudson. 

Check out his links to social media.