Chris is a songwriter/composer/videographer blending his artistic talents with his love of kayaking. His creative studio is in New Baltimore, NY.  

Chris has four goals for his projects:  

1. Relax  
2. Have some fun  
3. Bring attention to, and comment on, social issues  
4. Get people to act on what they believe in and feel strongly about 

His music ranges from songs that explore dishonest politicians, the wonder of days gone by, and even a humorous satire about COVID-19, to a collection of instrumental adventures, each one cinematic, bold and engaging, an epic journey as it morphs through scenes and genres from electronica, rock and dance, to jazz and orchestral, with guitars, choirs, synthesizers, drum kits, and ethnic percussion.

His most recent releases feature video shot while kayaking on the Hudson River paired with a soundtrack of his instrumental compositions, documenting the beauty of the Hudson and the deleterious impact of human activity and climate change.

Since 2014 Chris has produced and released 8 albums, 20 singles over 40 videos. 

Chris is retired from a career as a counselor and educator, and is also a former radio personality. His main focus now is creating music and videos. 

All his music is available on your favorite streaming service. Click here for SPOTIFY.

Check out his videos on YouTube.



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