Chris Leide is a songwriter, composer and videographer. His creative studio is in New Baltimore, NY.  

Chopped Memories is the latest album from Chris Leide, released October 2021. A collection of spirited electronic instrumentals, from jazz, rock, and dance to neo-classical, each composition is an exploration of different motifs, melodies and genres, eliciting moods from somber to playful, melancholy to celebratory, while floating through layers of creative instrumentation.  

Chris is also an avid kayaker, exploring the Hudson River and its tributaries up-close armed with boundless curiosity and a video camera. 

As a videographer Chris merges his musical creations with images he has captured.  

Chris recently co-produced a series of videos that reveal the unseen beauty of the Hudson River, along with sources of pollution and degradation in an attempt to raise awareness and as a call to action. Click here for Hudson River Miles 130-135. 

All his music is available on your favorite streaming service. Click here for SPOTIFY.

Check out his videos on YouTube.



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